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4 facts Liquids

Today i have done my four facts about liquids,fact 1 was about how liquid flows or how fast it goes into the cup,the 2nd fact is how liquid is made from tiny invisible particles  and that small insects can walk on water,the 3rd fact is all about oil being thicker and not easily to drink since its a thick liquid.


the fourth fact is about that the solid can turn into a liquid slow  and easily.

All About Me

Kia ora  my name is Chevelle and i am a year 6 and My teacher is Mr Hughes in room 8,i am also  i am 10 years old going on to 11 this year,I am half Niuean, Cook island,Maori.I have 5 siblings.I also have 1 brother and 4 sisters.


My Favorite food is Nachos/pizza/Spaghetti/Pork.


My Favorite sport is volleyball,and i also love enjoying watching it.


My Favorite Hobbies are,Drawing/Biking/swimming.


My Favorite subject is maths/and writing.

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