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Matariki Art

Kia ora! For my cybersmart task…

I created  a Matariki art task! I used shapes to create the mountains formed in the picture. This was quite enjoyable to create, I used dark colors to represent the nightfall of Matariki. This was easier to do, doing step by step helped a lot.

I hope you enjoyed it

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Matariki Explaination writing

Have you ever heard of Matariki?

Have you ever heard or seen Matariki? Well if not I can explain! Did you know that Matariki is a big Maori celebration for Maori people? Matariki is celebrated on a specific day. Families gather together to enjoy this public holiday with loved ones.

Matariki is seen as the mother star out of her siblings. Maori people in history used to harvest fruits or vegetables from the ground, since it was the harvesting season. Matariki is the main star out of her 8 siblings. Matariki is explained to be a main public holiday for New Zealand. On Matariki night there would be about 9 stars in the sky that represent Matariki and her siblings.

Back in history did you know? The Maori people would follow the moon for their very own calendar. During the Matariki holidays people would enjoy their time by having a big feast with their very own family and friends. Matariki is said to be a cluster instead of a constellation. We can also celebrate Matariki in our own way. Just as long as we do it with . Matariki is an important star out of the 8 siblings. Matariki can be a time to celebrate in Aotearoa. Maori people would prepare for what is coming in the future.

Matariki can be translated as “The eyes of God”. Mata means “Eyes” while Ariki means “God”. Matariki can be a time to celebrate with family or friends. Were you informed? Matariki was the first ever Maori public holiday. 

In conclusion, Matariki is a time to celebrate throughout Aotearoa. People gather to spend time with loved ones on Matariki. Matariki is the most important start out of her siblings. Matariki is a famous public holiday in New Zealand. Matariki is a cluster not a constellation.